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Okkk so waterfall sounds promising?? she/they, Niki, a unicorn, sanders sides and other fandoms @ladynikitablack on tumblr btw

yo tumblr just terminated my account which is Amazing (please read the sarcasm)

anways im angry

lime -

everyone on here trying to make an audience

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okay i really really hope this site takes off and gets more users and content because this is way better than that hellsite

"The only thing opening should be Thomas's mouth because he's about to be served a Giant dick"

is my favourite line ever and I am officially deceased

Thought a soft cat would be appreciated. What would the internet be without them?

trans rights are human rights

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logicallycrofters asked:

hello i saw your "reblog if you like these" post and i thought i'd let you know that i have blogs relating to several of those. @logicallycrofters (you are here) is my sanders sides, @poisonous-vibrations is my emo blog, @r-luciomains is my overwatch blog, @phil-and-dan is my dnp blog, and i'm working on a generic fandom hellhole which i can let you know about if you want. ~your friendly neighborhood Logos

Thanks for letting me know, Logos! If it wouldn't be a problem though, could you reblog my post with these blogs because I haven't figured out how to search for blogs on this site, cause it only searches for tags (?)

Patton Goes to Bed

(Get sleep Kiddos, it's important for your health!)

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lookit this pure padre

“It’s not true…it’s not true. They care for me, they love me, they would never hurt me on purpose. The fault is mine!”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, from the data collected from past interactions, the only logical conclusion is that I am the one at fault. I am the reason why they didn’t wish to include me. There is no need for this!”

“Then why are you crying?”

kitkatzgr8-deactivated-2020AugFri-200807090809-5219 -

oh my god, this is beautiful. heartbreaking, sure. but beautiful

An Anonymous user asked:

is there a character limit for tags?

staff -

There is, but there's no realistic way you'll be able to hit it.

I made a Deceit doodle, isn't he cute?

A tiny lil Logan doodle, for a tiny lil nerd.


Hey, so if yall like some of these things please reblog this post, I need blogs to follow !!

sanders sides

dan and phil


any emo bands tbh

evanescence especially

lord of the rings


shitposting in general

i need my memes